Sunday 10 March 2013

Mosaic box No. 2

This was quite a big project. I want to use this box for my hairdryer, straightener and brushes.  I used glass tiles for the centre of each side. Grout colour: Oatmeal.

A tip when grouting: Wipe excess grout off as soon as possible otherwise it can leave a film on the tiles which doesn't come off. After much scrubbing and googling, I found that wiping the tiles off with lemon juice cleaned them beautifully.

Another tip I saw on a show: When grouting (which is a toothpaste consistency, use your spatula to spread the grout and then scrape off excess grout. Sprinkle with some dry grout. This will absorb a lot of moisture. Leave on for 5 minutes then rub off and buff with crumpled up newspaper.

Side 1

Side 2

Side 3

Side 4

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  1. You have done a fantastic job of this, it looks beautiful! Thanks for the tips.


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